1 or 2 Set 10-Piece Sticky Houseplant Insect Traps


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Keep your plants healthy and safe with these 10-Piece Sticky Houseplant Insect Traps These sticky traps feature bright yellow colour and double-sided adhesives Specially designed for flying plant pests who want to hurt your plants Plant shape design with one green stick and two yellow curved stickies Double-sided strong stickiness Branches of the stick have clips to hold stickies and the pointed bottom can be inserted into dirt Durable and waterproof Helps to widely capture whiteflies, fungus gnats, black flies, fruit flies, midges and more Set includes 20 yellow sticky traps and 10 sticks Buying Options: 7.99 pounds instead of 15.99 pounds for 1 Pack – save 47% 9.99 pounds instead of 25.99 pounds for 2 Pack – save 60%

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